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Chronicles Album Cover

Alberto Rosado: Chronicles

G6 Despertar Album Cover


John Ray: "El Corazón de la Cosecha" (single)

Luisito Carrión: "Qué Más Puedo Pedir" (select tracks)

"...With this recording, Gerson Orjuela, who by the way is a drummer, positions himself as one of the best composers of instrumental music on the island, although these awesome compositions wouldn't have sounded this great without the spectacular contributions of Johnathan Suazo on alto saxophone, Janice Marie Maisonet on tenor saxophone, Melissa Fragoso on vocals, Bienvenido Dinzey and Alexandra Rivera on piano, Bryan Perez-Cerón on bass and Alberto Josué Rosado on guitar."

-Luis A. Orta

With his music, his message and his voice, John Ray has impacted thousands of people in more than 20 countries. Since of young age, he has utilized his gifts as a singer-songwriter and speaker to bring a message of love and hope to new generations.

Considered to be one of the best soneros from the island of Puerto Rico, Luisito Carrión has had an illustrious career that has made him one of the most beloved singers of his generation. His last production "Qué Más Puedo Pedir" has been highly acclaimed and also features his daughter Zuleyka Carrión.

Olga Tañon Single

Olga Tañón: "Ni Una Lágrima Más" (single)


Olga Tañón is a Puerto Rican recording artist. Over the course of her career, she has earned two Grammy Awards, three Latin Grammy Awards, and 29 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards.

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